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Testing Item Frames

AsteriaCraft a posted Sep 16, 12
AsteriaCraft is so excited for 1.4!

With the addition of item frames, new shops will be so awesome to add! So instead of just the chest shops, you can visually see what item you are buying!

So AsteriaCraft went and tested it out today on the latest snapshot, 12w38b! Our results?

It looks awesome! As you can see, it will be a whole new way for shops to visually show what they are selling. ANY item to can be put into the frame, including enities! So get ready guys, for a whole new shop experience on AsteriaCraft when 1.4 is released!

Let us know in the comments, what you think!


My Cape

AsteriaCraft a posted Sep 6, 12
My amazing courtesy of Crystallord!





AsteriaCraft a posted Sep 6, 12
I know a lot of you are asking for others to be on the whitelist, which is fine. But a few things I want to explain before anything happens.

We weren't just like:

And then, poof, we decided to randomly add a whitelist. That's not what we did it for.

A few reasons that we explained, and will again are:
  • The whitelist helps to protect against griefers and hackers. We want the best for our community, and when randoms join, it always ends up with problems.
  • If you're on the whitelist, your trusted enough. Cause we all know someone who's a little clever. ;D
  • We WANT people on the whitelist but again, what's the point in having a whitelist, if you add randoms? That was the point in the first place, not to have randoms.
If you want someone on the whitelist, please have them shout it in the Shoutbox on the homepage. PLUS, you don't even need an account now to do so.

Just placing your name in the shoutbox won't do anything for you or me. No acceptance.

Please explain a little about yourself, age, why you want to be whitelisted, who you know, etc.

Hope this clears up a few things for everyone!

Carry on.

Our hoster has informed us, that hosting will be down for some time, and judging by his email, it probably won't be any less than about 12 hours to 48 hours of downtime. We AREN'T CONFIRMING that this is the cause, but he said it will be taking place between the 14th and 20th of August, just wanted to let everyone know about this, just in case the server goes down.

He went on to explain that this was for:

- New datacenter.
- Improved panel.
- Faster internet speeds.
- 99.9% up time.

He also told us that our IP will change, which is pretty f***ing frustrating...but if you try to connect to our old IP, it will tell you our new one. So it shouldn't be a worry for our users.

There is nothing we can do about this, but we do apologize.



AsteriaCraft a posted Aug 16, 12
We have YET to get a straight answer and updated link to this plugin.

He keeps giving excuses as to why the plugin has yet to be ready, including language errors, virus in the source, and a bunch of other bullsh**.

Do not ever use any plugins from the developer, technistat. Horrible release management from this guy.

TheZorro (original developer) should of choose someone else for this project.

Just update the plugin!

gavinc1998 hey logan can i be whitelisted i got a new minecraft account the user is bilbobagins71
gavinc1998 for some reason the new IP wont let me get on asteria idk wat to do
3n3rgy_sword hey Waffle i used to go on the server before 1.3 so can you put me on the white list please bro -3n3rgy_sword